Madrugada “Adornato” Model

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Fine leather
Arabesques indulgence

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Fine leather
Arabesques indulgence

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1 review for Madrugada “Adornato” Model

  1. Florina Teodorescu

    This was my first pair of tango shoes – I loved them so much, i completely wore them out. They were exceedingly comfortable. The padded part at the front is so much softer than at other shoes (Which is why i chose Madrugada for my second pair!).
    The only downside is that the absolutely stunning print on the leather got very very faded. They have come to every practica, milonga and a few tango classes per week for almost two years now, so they have been used intensely, but I have seen shoes as old 5-6 years that do not show the same signs of wear and tear as mine.
    All in all, a great, beautiful, comfortable shoe, at an affordable price.

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