1. What is the estimated time of delivery?

A. If the tango shoes pair you want is on stock, maxim 24 h for local market, 5 days for Europe.

B. If the pair is not on stock, the delivery times can vary by country, by availability of one material etc (around 3-4 weeks)

C. You will get a message by email about the exact moment of shipping

2. If my size is 36,5, can I order it?

Yes, half numbers are also available based on order. Just put your size in “Special requirements” field in the order form.

3. I currently wear size 42. Can I order one pair?

Yes, you can. The extreme sizes ordered until now were 34 and 42

4. You can order them on Wide or Narrow model*

*for e.g.

size 36 and the circumference increased as for 37 (wide)
size 36 and the circumference decreased as for 35 (narrow)

5. Where can I try the shoes?

Usually, we are going to tango events around Europe.
Follow us on our blog to see where!

If you have other questions and still couldn’t find the answer here, contact us and we will be happy to answer! Visit our Contact Page!

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