Next Meeting Points May 2015

Tuesday, 19 of May: Milonga Pasion, (Cafe Deko, Centrul Vechi, Bucuresti), 22.00
Wednesday, 20 of May: Practica Popa Nan 82, Bucuresti, 22.00
Friday, 22 of May: Practica asistata Casa de Tango, Iuliu Valaori 7, Bucuresti, 22.00

Prepare for summer!

Last Call for Orders!

If yo want to get your shoes by the end of May, you should send your orders to until 7 of May 2015.

Visit the website to chose from these 10 models
1. Adornato
2. Front Ocho
3. Back Ocho
4. Close Embrace
5. Open Embrace
6. Extravaganzza
7. Butterfly
8. Mariposa
9. Fancy Crussado
10. Tangazo

* Each model is available in any size, height heel, or material*

Enjoy the summer!

Madrugada Tango Shoes


Smells like a new delivery!!!

Great news!
New pairs of shoes are arriving tomorrow!

Stay tuned!
If you want one just for you, ask me more details at

Bailar hasta la madrugada!

pantofi haiosi