El Sabor de Hungría – Tango Festival con Palinka 2015 – Impressions

Hola Tango Lovers,

Just came back from beautiful Budapest!
We really danced all the nights hasta la Madrugada times!
It has been a great pleasure to be part of El Sabor de Hungría – Tango Festival con Palinka 2015.

Just for your record, I will be back in Budapest in October, for Noches de Hungria Tango Marathon, so if you have any special orders just let me know in time to take care of a personal delivery 🙂

Madrugada Tango Shoes…for special dances!

Tango Cazino Festival – Impressions

…and we danced our last tandas until Madrugada times!!!

If there is a place on earth where you would enjoy a VIP treatment,
this would be TANGO CAZINO, in Cluj, ROMANIA! Tango Cazino 4th edition Cluj-Napoca 20-23 August 2015
Thank you the organizers for an amazing festival!
Thank you to all ladies who visited and appreciated our corner during the festival!
See you next in Budapest 28-30 August!!!
El Sabor de Hungría – Tango Festival con Palinka 2015


Madrugada Tango Shoes – The beginnings!!!

Hello dear friends,

Since August 2015 is a 3 years anniversary, I gathered all this experience
into a lovely photo album reminding me how this beautiful road started,
a constantly innovative process to create the best experience possible.

Hard work, but a total bliss and fun in the same time.
These 3 ingredients are basics in a creative process!

Here we go, Madrugada Tango Shoes – The beginnings!!!
Thank you all for 3 marvelous years!

The most wanted model!!!!

It`s been almost half an year since we introduced you the new model
“Adornato” by Madrugada Tango Shoes.

This new model gained in popularity so fast that now competes with
what was the most wanted before, “Open Embrace” Model.

Here are some of best sold models!


Celebrating 3 years!!!!

Hello dear followers, dear tango dancers,

We started together our trip 3 years ago.

It started as a “why not?” attitude.
But as all good attitudes in life, once one plants a little seed, together with a good earth, sun and care, one can see miracles happen! That`s life!

It has been an amazing journey full of discoveries and a lot of challenges,
that reminded me about the great and yet so little capitalized, potential we have.

Coming soon,
Madrugada Tango Shoes – The beginnings!!!