WHY are they so special?

They are handmade shoes & customized

Madrugada Brand

MADRUGADA Tango Shoes are efficiently designed with an extra padding on top of the insole to offer comfort.

In addition, the extra padding insertion will take the shape of your feet and memorize your way of walking

Your chance to be unique

MADRUGADA Tango Shoes is continually looking for new materials.
Offering already around 80 different colors and materials, special textile and leather print,  MADRUGADA Tango Shoes invites you to design your favorite tango shoes by let you combine whatever colors and materials that are more YOU.
Don`t ever underestimate however the power of a irresistible pulpy red or classy black laque!

Bailar hasta la madrugada

No more dilemmas:

Comfortable or Fashionable?
Practic or Elegant?
Serial or Unique?

Madrugada Tango shoes offers you all of this in just one pair of shoes!

Madrugada Story

You know that feeling when you fall in love with words?


I HAVE BEEN DANCING TANGO FOR SOME YEARS NOW, AND FROM the first moment I heard this word, “madrugada”, I said to myself “What a beautiful word!”


In Spanish, it means “early morning, right before sunrise”– THAT powerful, MAGIC AND VIBRATING moment between night and day.


How many marvelous tandas have we danced in MADRUGADA TIMES?
Reverberating memories back in time we want to leave once more!


Seems to me like a perfect brand name!

Take Madrugada with you wherever you are!